Recent Updates

UPDATE: 12/05/16 Posted a new chapter for my Splatoon serties. Salvation Chapter 1.


Quick thing to note. There i an error with the CSS code. A glitch with the two links in the footer. So somereason only workers propertly in Opera Web Browser and in the metro Internet Explorer Web Browser. Currently tring to fix that unwanted glitch.

Hello! I got a lot to talk about first off. I have a new social links to add later once I get the icons made. Yes i'll be making an icon for speilal social media sites, Google+, Devianta nd Fanfiction,net and Fictionpress. I dont use Tweeter NOR facebook. On another note this site is comeing along dont you agree? Well i still have to find a new way to work out a solid wokring system for the story page and add some other responive site qualites.

I will be adding a way to comment on my work later on this site but i need to be able to do this with spammers getting on here. Or i will not add it.

Well now! We... no i am ready to share this site with all of you!