I have done many kinds of artwork. Graphic Game Mods for Trackmania Forever. So with these mods i've also created ScreenSHots of the game mods to create pictures. Skins, Those are car skins for TMUF(TrackmaniaUnitedForever) and TM2(Trackmania2) are skins for 3D Models. Finnaly i have created vector art. Mostly redraws.


Mods, they are graphic mods that act like skins(oaintjobs) for the enviroment. They work just like changing the color of a car i a racing game. All of these Mods that i have created is for Trackmania Forever and ManiaPlanet. Like i said, they just change the textures and moods of the environment.

The textures, raods, grass, dirt, glass, ice. Everything can have a new texture. Although they get a new skin. Ice well still behave like ice, and roads with still behave like a normal road.

Moods are the time of day setting of the envronment. Its plit into four Moods, Sunrise, Day, unset and Night. Like each name suggests that set the track in a different time of the day or night.


This is a conversion of a TM1 (Trackmania1) also known as TrackmaniaUnitedForever(TMUF) mod by .maxx.

The mod was made to give the appearance to be under the seas due to louds. Now I went and converted it at the base for TM2 (Not factoring in the objects of the TrackmaniaRPG Title Pack for ManiaPlanet) in three days.


My screan shots are of games. Trackmania screen shots of my Tracks, mods, car skin etc... Somost of my mods have looks of screen shots to show my hard work.


Skins are a 2d paint job, also known for games as skins or textures on an object of any kind. But for Trackmania a skin is images placed on a 3d car model..

Void Demon

Void Demon is an old skin that i made. When i found and shared it i got some good reviews. I have a quote of it below please read it.

"I found a year old car skin for the Drone Model. I couldn't find what texture modded everything but I did get a lot done. I uses I went for a more Mature look, nothing graphic. it was meant for a more mature horror based videos I guess and RPGS. I am talking in circles but it was meant to have a metallic demon look."

Vector Art

My vector art is all mainly redraws that I try to mimic others images to look just like it but I try to give them my own kind of sstyle. As of right now i am still devoloping my own style.

Winter [Vector Redraw]

This is an art trade for Redrayan2009 For me this was fun to draw. I had to take many Steps to draw this. I had to outline the Vector first before i add the pieces togather. I made two sets of outlines the clothes and the "body parts".

It took me time as i used mostly Vecter Gradaints and masking clips to give it a seemless apperance. I had to create solid objects or parts for both the skin and the clothes. This acted as a base for a color layer to have its peices snapped over the corrasponding part. I masked the color shade sleave over a solid color object below.

The next thing I had to do was blend the colors of shading together to give the appearance of a seemless look. It was not easy.